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Động cơ Servo SH-100 Elau Schneider - Elau Schneider Vietnam
Schneider Electric SH motors are available in five flange sizes – from 55 mm to 205 mm, and a wide range of rated torques – and are ideal for many applications. SH motors deliver impressive dynamics because of their low inertia compared to other servomotors. They are exceptionally compact thanks to salient pole winding technology, and the sleek housing is equipped with plug connectors that can be rotated 270°. The electronic name plate makes these motors an integral component of the PacDrive 3 automation system. 

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Technical Specifications

50 030 40 060 40 080 30 100
Stand Still Torque: 3.3 Nm 
Peak Torque: 9.6 Nm 
Rated Motor Speed: 5000 RPM 
Rated Torque: 2.7 Nm 
Rated Power: 1.41 kW
Stand Still Torque: 5.8 Nm 
Peak Torque: 18.3 Nm 
Rated Motor Speed: 4000 RPM 
Rated Torque: 4.6 Nm 
Rated Power: 1.93 kW
Stand Still Torque: 8.0 Nm 
Peak Torque: 28.3 Nm 
Rated Motor Speed: 4000 RPM 
Rated Torque: 5.7 Nm 
Rated Power: 2.39 kW
Stand Still Torque: 10.0 Nm 
Peak Torque: 40.5 Nm 
Rated Motor Speed: 3000 RPM 
Rated Torque: 7.9 Nm 
Rated Power: 2.48 kW

Danh sách Sản phẩm